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Web Project – Statement of Intent

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Statement of Intention.

I want to use this unit to create a portfolio site for myself. I want to also learn a lot more of Flash and ActionScript in the process of making the site.

By the end of the study I would like to have a site online which displays my work, which is mostly animation. I am currently in need of a site of this type, as I only have a YouTube page, which doesn’t have good quality video, and looks unprofessional. I hope that with a proper website displaying my work I will have more success applying for jobs, and I will be able to show people my work at any time.

I have been looking at a lot of Flash sites and a lot of portfolio sites and some of them are a lot more interesting than others. I would like to take some of the more interactive elements that a lot of effective Flash sites use, and incorporate them into my portfolio site. There are many brilliant Flash games on the Internet, and it is this element that I hope to include in my site in some way, by having some aspect of fun and exploration in the navigation. I also want to avoid having a clear, separate place for buttons, so the user will have to investigate the site fully in order to gain access to the content.

This will possibly annoy some users, which is a risk, but I feel that there will be many more people who will return to the site because of this fun element. If the site turns out to be too hard to navigate, then I might have an option at the beginning to either enter the Flash site or my blog, which will include my work, but be easier to access.

I have an idea for the aesthetics of the site too. The user will be placed in a street environment, with a simple 2D view of the buildings and walls. On moving the mouse to the edges of the screen, the user will move up and down the street. On the walls and on the front of some of the shops will be images representing my work, they will appear as if they are posters, stickers and graffiti. These images are mostly going to be the first frames of various animations and videos that I have created, so upon clicking an image it will begin to play, and it will pause by clicking it again. The user will be able to have multiple videos playing, but the sound might occasionally clash, so I will have to figure a way around that problem.


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November 5, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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